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At Easy iCare we empower our Participants to live a meaningful life and one that they choose to live. By partnering with you, we can help you thrive which helps us all to thrive. We provide supports and services that are designed by you and the people who are important in your life. At Easy iCare we even give you the opportunity to choose your Disability Support Carer & your Own Program, allowing you the opportunity to take control of who you spend your future with and how you live your life.

Individual Support Package

At Easy iCare we can support you to plan your individual Support Package. If you meet the requirements DHHS will provide funds to an individual to meet their disability-related support needs. We can support you and your family to facilitate and brainstorm what supports you want and need, we will then draw up a plan and implement the package. Easy iCare support you to maintain your independence, support you to develop your independant living skills and to ensure that all your needs are met. For further information on Individual Support Packages can be found of the DHHS website please view the following links.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Supports

At Easy iCare, our services and support are equipped to meet your every need. Understanding the NDIS roll-out can be difficult however we have an excellent team of professional that can provide you with free advice and guidance. If you need help, simply clink on the link below, and we will support you.

NDIS is designed to allow the person with the disability to take control of their own lives, Easy iCare is simply there to support you with your decision and to action the plans that you create.

How we help you

We support all your decisions. Once you and the important people in your life have made a plan on how you wish to live your life Easy iCare support you to implement this plan

If you have been living in accommodation that does not meet all your needs Easy iCare can support you to make modifications under the Home Modification plan.

24/7 In home supports – Supported Living & Residential Care Supports

Our Therapeutic Disability Care staff are available to assist your organisation in any time-frame capacity. With a 15 min response time, you are rest assured Easy iCare can support individuals and Organisations at your time of need.

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